LIFE BRANDED™, is creating a branding movement across the country starting with the major cities:  LA CHICAGO NY DALLAS ATL- We hope to trickle our branding movement efforts into smaller cities once word catches on. We plan to provide step by step instructions on how to build a brand from concept to reality. We will have professionals from graphic designers, photographers, public relations, marketing professionals which will all offer their expertise in the industry. 
Life Branded is dedicated establishing your authentic lifestyle brand, from your style, home, logo, and your overall mark in life. In composing your brand, we will offer you unique suggestions that will compliment your style or help you discover your undiscovered DNA. As a branding boutique we realize everyone has a unique DNA…. Your identity carefully and clearly defines you as an individual. Each day, minute and hour offers choices, from your style, home, office and play to create your own unique Life Brand. Your Life Brand is your life’s philosophy. Creating a Life Brand encompasses consistency amongst your reputation, style, look, work and home. Life Branded helps accentuate your Interior Brand to establish your Exterior Landmark.
Life Branded Distinct Community Brand Award- these brands that our nomination committee will be awarding will be seen by our attendees as a sort of benchmark or aspiration that they will hold in their minds as what they wish their brands to be like. These brand award recipients can also take pride in their efforts thus far, and hopefully this award will inspire and stimulate more growth within their already established brand.
Life Branded is here to help each individual recognize and embrace their brand.    Life Branded will help define, promote, and establish their unique brand.  Each of us has a unique distinct DNA that represents our brand. Life Branded   will work to help you develop your vision, passion, and purpose into a visually recognized Brand.
Life Branded is a branding boutique that offers personalized and tailored consultations combined with unique techniques to create and build your Life Brand. L + B focuses on our purpose, vision, business, and personal style. We offer services in life planning, interior design, and graphic packaging which will help you create your full lifestyle brand. 
To highlight brands in each respective city we visit, as well as to help educate individuals to highlight a brand. We will try to achieve this goal through our speakers and seminar. This in turn will be the catalyst in motivating attendees to jump start their brands using different elements from the conceptual blue prints we hope to provide through our speakers and speeches. We will ensure attendees are equipped with knowledge and know-how of building a recognizable brand.