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  July 30 2011
                                            atlanta kickoff begins

Have you ever wanted to create your own brand, or wanted to re-brand your company but didn't have the resources or know-how on how to jumpstart this idea?! Now is your chance! Life Branded is eager to present to you:
                                 “My Brand Is…BRANDINAR”  
                                                                 What is brandinar? 
                                                         Brandinar™ (noun)- (brand-in-are)  
                          An all day event that is anything but a seminar!

This is a way for you to finally see your ideas grow into something lucrative! “My Brand Is”, will be an amazing resource and tool for you to come and listen to speakers who are trailblazers in the Atlanta community! Not only will they give their personal stories on how they started their brand, but provide you with the building blocks on how you can do the same! This also will give attendees the chance to mix and mingle with others who want to start their own brand, as well as our line up of speakers with recognizable brands in the Atlanta area!

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                                WHEN | WHERE | Twelve Centennial Park | 
                            Atlanta, GA | Saturday April 9 2011 | 9am-4pm
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