WHO: It’s all about the brand, and life branded is helping individuals across America create brands of passion and purpose through our BRANDINAR titled “My Brand is...” Our first stop is Atlanta. 
Today there are many people who want to create their own brand, or wanted to re-brand their company but didn’t have the resources or know-how on how to jumpstart their idea. Well now is their chance through our BRANDINAR! 
A life brand allows you to influence individuals through your name, passion, lifestyle and vision. Life branded will help each individual define and promote their brand. Whether it is the hopes of  getting their first job, climbing the corporate ladder, or building a business.
Our philosophy: Everything in Life is  Branded
WHAT: What is Brandinar?
Brandinar (noun) - (brand-in-are) - An all day even that is anything but a seminar!
This is a way for individuals across America to finally see their ideas grow into
something lucrative! “My Brand Is”, will be an amazing resource and tool for these individuals to come and listen to speakers who are trailblazers in their own community! Not only will they give their personal stories on how they started their brand, but provide them with the building blocks on how they can do the same! 
This also will give attendees the chance to mix and mingle with others who want to start their own brand.
What makes us different? We are creating a network of individuals from each specific community who have proven longevity in particular industries such as restaurants, boutiques, etc. These individuals have either built or re-built their brands surviving the economic climate of their community and are sharing their secrets of success. 
WHEN: Saturday April 9,2011: Brandinar 9am-4pm: Award Ceremony and Reception 6pm-8pm
WHERE: TWELVE Centennial Park: 400 W. Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30308
WHY: Our sponsorship allows for banner ads along with direct brand discussions, logo placement, and enables you to interact face to face with attendees and the individuals who have made a difference in their local community. This program is cost-effective, highly visible and delivers results for sponsors and attendees alike. Through this intimate interaction of 100(+) people, attendees will get to know, understand, and relate to the passion and the purpose behind your brand.
HOW: Contact 
Andrea V. Smoak
Telephone: 202-241-2220
Sarah E. Guirguis
Telephone: 202-241-2220